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Valve Box
Explore the range of Toro's durable rectangle and round valve boxes to protect your automation system.
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Cable & Gel Connectors
Automate multiple zones with 5,7,9 core wire & ensure a secure connection with gel-filled connectors.
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For easier install and low fuss maintenance, use Toro's handy tools to get the job done.
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Protect your irrigation control system

Valve boxes house below ground solenoid valves, providing protection and easy access.
  • Available in various sizes to suit your valves
  • Ideal for areas that can’t be excavated
  • Large access area ideal for valve manifolds
  • Snap-lock lid for positive fixing

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Make connections

Cable connects the controller and solenoid valves, colour coded so you know which wire is connected to which valve.
  • Heavy duty for durability
  • Colour coding avoids incorrect pairing
  • Copper wire
  • Meter markings
  • UV-stabilised

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Irrigation tips & tricks

Stop sore fingers
Use Toro's nozzle tool for radius adjustment and replacement. Easily remove by lifting the old nozzle up out of the body.
Keep contaminants out
Use a vacuum breaker to let air out of the system when the water is turned on and avoid contaminants.
Prepare valve box
Use scissors or pruners to cut out the sides of your valve box and let the pipes run through.

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Make sure you know your flow!

Make sure you know your flow!

Before you start make sure you calculate your flow rate, to determine how many emission devices you can run from your zone.
Make sure you know your flow!
New to irrigation?

New to irrigation?


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