Take control of your watering

Water when, where and how often you want with our flexible, water-saving irrigation controllers. Intuitive and easy to use, every Toro controller is designed to give you total control of your watering. Choose the features you need like Bluetooth connectivity, battery operation and rain delay.

Take your automation to the next level with a battery operated controller.
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Vital in any irrigation system, Toro’s valves give peace of mind. Designed for high flow and low friction loss, delivering optimal performance and flow control.
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Tap Timers
A simpler, lower cost alternative to a full automatic system. Run separate programs and start times.
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Is a controller or tap timer right for you?

Tap timer
Quick and easy to set up
Battery or solar powered
Connect to garden tap

Versatile and connecting to your garden tap, tap timers feature different run times and programs to suit your irrigation needs. Easy to program, you can set and forget it until next season.

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Control via smart device
Battery powered
Connect to water meter

Best for irrigation systems serving multiple zones, controllers are generally used with pop-ups and sprays on lawn. You can program them with an app for automated watering control.

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Controllers vs tap timers

Controllers Tap Timers
Lifespan 10 – 30 years with good maintenance 1 – 3 years with good maintenance
Budget $$$ $
Power source 9V battery Solar powered
Water source Water meter Garden tap
Manual mode Tick Tick
Multiple programs Tick Cross
LCD screen Tick Tick
Control via smartphone Tick Cross

What you need

Tap timer system:
Tap timer
The device that tells your irrigation system when, where and for how long to water
Pressure reducer
Ideal for drip systems, this brings down the water pressure to your irrigation system.
Poly pipe & clamps
Connects everything along your irrigation system, and keept it in place with commercial-grade clamps.
Nut & tail
Attaches the poly pipe to the water device. The thread meets the input device, and the tail’s barbed end runs to your system.
Drip-Eze™ Drip Tube
Waste less water with Australian-made drip tube, available in both classic and pressure compensating models.
Battery operated controller:
The brain that controls what, where and when to water — and for how long. It tells the solenoid valves when to open and let water in.
Solenoid valve
The gates that let water flow into the system and through to the zones.
Houses the solenoid valves, and connects the water source and irrigation system.
Valve box
Houses all the automation parts in a central spot, keeping them safe from weather, kids and pets.
Directs the water from the solenoid valve into the poly pipe, through to the irrigation system.
Poly pipe & clamps
Connects everything along your irrigation system, and secured in place with commercial-grade clamps.
With male pipe threads on both sides, the nipple connects two female poly pipe thread components.
Irrigation cable
Wire up and easily identify multiple solenoid valves.
Gel connectors
Used to connect, insulate and moisture-seal wire ends.
Sprinklers, sprays or drip tube
Pair with your selection of water emission devices.

Controller benefits

From standard to advanced irrigation control, Toro irrigation controllers meet the needs of the most demanding users. Innovative capabilities give users even more control over water savings and maintaining healthy landscapes.

Smart watering
Easily control your watering from your smart device without needing to access the valve box.
Zone control
Set and monitor independent watering programs for control over your entire yard.
No power, no worries
Ideal for managing irrigation in areas without mains power.
Water anytime
Accommodates repeat watering requirements - morning, afternoon and evening.
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How do you connect an automated system

Here are the main components that make up an automated system:

A manifold connects the water supply to your valves. It acts as the middle man between your water source and the irrigation system.
Solenoid valve
The controller talks to the solenoid valves. They act like doors, letting water flow into the system.
Directs the water from the solenoid valve into the poly pipe, through to your irrigation system.
The nipple is a threaded fitting that connects the manifold to the solenoid.

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Make sure you know your flow!

Make sure you know your flow!

Make sure you know your flow!
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New to irrigation?


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