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From an easy irrigation install to a complex design, you need commercial-grade fittings that can handle the pressure. Made Toro tough and available in a range of sizes and specifications, every fitting is engineered with ease and efficiency in mind – backed by the legendary reliability and durability you’ve come to expect.

Fittings explained

From threaded fittings to reducing joiners with female ends, enjoy the peace of mind from trusted and tried commercial grade irrigation fittings.

Barbed end

Barbed end fittings connect to poly pipe and drip tube. For a watertight connection secure with locking clamps. Barbed end fittings are available in various sizes to suit your system including tees, joiners, elbows, barbed cross.

Threaded end

Threaded fittings securely seal the connection to a water emission device, such as a solenoid valve, pop-up or riser. BSP thread is the common measurement for thread ends. For example, a 15mm fitting has a 1/2″ BSP thread.


Female/Male connection

Male and female refer to the ends of the fitting. The male thread is visible on the outside of the fitting vs the female located inside the fittings. Keep in mind the fitting type and size when connecting the water device.


Diameter is the measurement across either side of the fitting or pipe. For a male threaded fitting, measure across the outside of the male thread. Note that a thread that measures 1/2″ is not a 1/2″ BSP thread. 1/2″ is actually a 1/4″ BSP thread.

Types of connections

You’ll need different fittings to connect your irrigation system together.


Redirects water in two directions


Directs water around corners


Joins two female fittings


Joins two male fittings


Stops water flow at a male threaded fitting


Stops water flow at a female threaded fitting


Connects a threaded fitting to a barbed fitting


Barbed fitting used to join poly pipe


You’ll need different fittings to connect your irrigation system together.

Heights range from 50mm - 1200mm
Available in diameters of 15mm, 20mm and 25mm
Chemical resistant for use with fertilisers
1500kPa water pressure rating
Use with your preferred nozzle
Use a shrub (riser) adaptor to connect your nozzle

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Make sure you know your flow!

Make sure you know your flow!

Before you start make sure you calculate your flow rate, to determine how many emission devices you can run from your zone.
Make sure you know your flow!
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New to irrigation?


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